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Table of ultraprocessed foods
The Dangers of Ultra-processed Foods – From Headaches and Diabetes to Cancer

We live in a society that often forces us to choose convenience over nutrition, leading many to rely on ultra-processed foods for quick and easy meals. Despite knowing for decades...

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Victorian woman with migraine
Unveiling the Veil of Pain: The Historical Odyssey of Migraine in Women

Embarking on an exploration of the annals of medical history, we uncover narratives rich in suffering, resilience, and unwavering perseverance. Among these intricate tales lies the saga of migraine, a...

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Healthy Sleep Habits to Avoid Migraines

How many times have you gone to bed making a mental list of everything you had to do the next day: waking up at 6:00 am to make breakfast, taking...

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CoQ10 and migraine
The Truth About CoQ10 for Migraine Prevention

Mitochondrial energy production is impaired in people suffering from recurrent migraines.1 2 This impairment appears to play a role in the pathogenesis of migraines, since two different nutrients that are...

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Depressed Woman
Migraines & Mood Could Lead to Depression & Anxiety

Migraine is very disabling, which takes a toll on mood which can lead to depression and anxiety. As if living with the debilitating pain and other disturbing symptoms of chronic...

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Woman with head pain
Experiencing Stress and Pain? Resistance is Futile

Does your life seem fraught with major frustration leading to stress and pain? When you sense an impending headache, does it panic you, or do you become afraid? Are you...

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Groundhog's day and winter
Groundhog Day: 6 More Weeks of Winter Migraines Not in the Forecast

Groundhog Day 2024- Punxsutawney Phil emerged from his lair and did not see his shadow, predicting their will not be 6 more weeks of winter. This is particularly good news...

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Your Body’s Language: Nutritional Deficiencies and Consequences

Learn How to Speak Your Body’s Language: Nutritional Deficiencies and Their Consequences Most people are aware of the short-term consequences of an unhealthy diet: weight gain, high blood pressure, high...

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2024 New Year
How to Be Happier in 2024

The verdict is in: New Year’s resolutions are out of style. To be fair, they should’ve gone out of style years ago, because no matter how motivating the phrase “new...

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10 Healthy Drinks for Migraine Relief + Healthy Recipes

If you’re one of the 39 million Americans that suffer from migraine, you know how debilitating attacks can be. Between the throbbing headache and medley of other bothersome symptoms, migraine...

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Can Weather Changes Trigger Migraines?

Maybe it’s the delicious food, the joy of sharing a dinner with close friends and family, or the beautiful foliage decorating the trees, but something about fall makes it a...

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A Thanksgiving Message from the MigreLief Team at Akeso Health Sciences

All of us at Akeso Health Sciences would like to wish our MigreLief fans, a wonderful and migraine-free Thanksgiving.  We are thankful that MigreLief is making a difference in your...

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