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5 Facts About the Gut You May Not Know

Your gastrointestinal tract – GI or “gut” for short – is a group of organs that start at the mouth and end at the rectum. Its main job is to...

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Poor Gut Health Might be Connected to Severe COVID-19

For decades, scientists have been studying the role the human microbiome plays on health. The gastrointestinal tract, or simply the “gut,” is made up of a series of organs essential...

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Exercise and Immune System: Does it Boost Immunity?

The benefits of regular exercise are seemingly endless. From reducing your risk of chronic conditions to clearing up your skin and boosting memory, physical activity is an essential tool for...

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HEALTHY EASTER EGGS & The Truth About Cholesterol

Eggs are very healthy for you and do not affect cholesterol the way you were led to believe! Get the facts about eggs once and for all.

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