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July 31, 2016 | 7:00am

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Preventive and Acute Migraine Treatments

June 17, 2018 | 8:38am

Migraine HelpDebilitating migraines should not be a way of life but for many men, women and children suffering chronic migraines (many migraine days each month)… they, unfortunately, are.

Migraine treatments can be PREVENTIVE with the goal of stopping migraines before they start or ACUTE, treating the pain once it starts.

Often migraine sufferers find themselves running the gambit of preventive and acute treatments in search of migraine relief which can include, side-effect prone prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications. This can be gruelling, especially if the migraine medications you turn to, turn on you which can be the case with the chronic use of prescription and over-the-counter pain-killers including acetaminophen and NSAIDS such as aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen. Not only can chronic overuse lead to “rebound” or medication overuse headaches, but it can also lead to kidney or liver damage, bleeding and an increase in cardiovascular risk.


There are many nutritional options that are known to have benefits for migraine sufferers. Three of the most effective are: RiboflavinMagnesium, and Feverfew.  This vitamin, mineral and herb are listed in the American Academy of Neurology’s Guidelines for Migraine Prevention.

Magnesium, Riboflavin (B-2) and Feverfew are combined into one dietary supplement:  MIGRELIEF® – TRIPLE THERAPY WITH PURACOL™.  (Online coupon Code:  MIGFREE4 for $4 off any migraine formula at MigreLief.com during Migraine Awareness month June 2018)

Providing THREE MECHANISMS OF ACTION TO HELP MAINTAIN NORMAL NEUROLOGICAL FUNCTION… MigreLief Original Formula, Children’s MigreLief (age 2-11) and MigreLief+M/menstrual were formulated to help migraineurs maintain normal cerebrovascular (blood vessels that supply the brain) tone and function by addressing the underlying nutritional deficiencies and imbalances that are common to many migraine sufferers. These deficiencies may lead to many dysfunctional processes in the brain.

Dysfunctional brain processes that can affect normal cerebrovascular tone and function include:  

  • Decreases in the Brains Cellular Energy Reserves.  Cells lose their energy production ability when the powerhouses of the cells (the mitochondria) become dysfunctional due to nutritional deficiency.
  • Excessive Platelet Aggregation – The clumping together of blood cells in the brain result in blood vessel changes (vasoconstriction and vasodilation)
  • Vasospasms (the contraction and dilation of blood vessels in the brain which occurs during migraines).

The combination of ingredients in MigreLief’s daily formulas; Original MigreLief, Children’s MigreLief and MigreLief+M (menstrual migraines)  help to maintain normal cerebrovascular tone and function.


Action Step 1:  Chronic Migraine Sufferers – Choose a Daily Maintenance Formula and Take Daily

MigreLief Original – Age 12-Adult use daily
Children’s MigreLief – Age 2-Adult use daily
MigreLief+M – Women with Menstrual Hormonal Migraines use daily

Action Step 2:  Take MigreLief’s “As-Needed” Migraine Formula On-The-Spot

MigreLief-NOW – Age 12-Adult, use as needed (dose for children is 1/2 adult dose stated on the label)

Important Reminder:   MigreLief daily formulas for chronic migraine sufferers may take 3 weeks to 3 months to build blood levels for maximum benefits so don’t stop taking it for at least 90 days. It will grow in effectiveness.  In the meantime, take your MigreLief-NOW as needed.

Money Back Guarantee – If purchased online at MigreLief.com or by calling 1-800-758-8746, Akeso Health Sciences (creator of MigreLief) offers a Risk-FREE money back guarantee if you try MigreLief for 3 months, sufficient time for maximum benefits.

WHERE TO BUY MIGRELIEF:  Store locator:  Visit MigreLief.US and type in your zip code for a store near you.  Independent pharmacies, Meijer, Vitmain Shoppe (Sept 2018), Medicine Shoppe, many Walgreens and hundreds of other stores sell MigreLief.  Visit MigreLief.com or call 1-800-758-8746

AMAZING FEEDBACK:  Visit MigreLief’s Facebook page for amazing unsolicited feedback by “MigreLief Fans” or ask questions.

Remember… It’s never too late to get your life back and to start living the life you love!


MigreLief’s Super Blue Blood Moon Special – $4 OFF

January 30, 2018 | 8:24pm

Visable before sunrise,  Wednesday, January 31st – Witness a Rare Lunar Phenomenon
If you live in the western part of North America, Alaska or the Hawaiian islands, set your alarm for early Wednesday morning on Jan 31st to witness 3 lunar phenomenons that have not happened simultaneously for 150 years:  A Supermoon, a Blue Moon and a Blood Moon.

A Blue Moon is the second full moon in a month with two full moons. The first full moon this month was on January 1st.

A Blood Moon is a totally eclipsed moon and usually looks red because the earth passes between the moon and the sun, and while the moon crosses through the shadow of the Earth it reflects all of Earth’s sunrises and sunsets.

If that isn’t enough… it is also a Supermoon which is when the moon is at its closest point to earth and appears to be 14% bigger and 30% brighter than normal.

This rare phenomenon is called a “Super Blue Blood Moon” and the last time all of these events happened at once was in 1866. That is the year Andrew Johnson was president, the second dome on the U.S. Capitol building was completed, the U.S. Congress passed the Civil Rights Act and approved the minting of a nickel 5-cent coin to replace the half-dime, and the year that the first bank robbery in U.S. history took place in daylight, which is also considered to be the first robbery by Jesse James and his gang.

So take advantage of this rare predawn vision.  Depending upon where you live, your viewing time and experiences will be different.  It will be easier to see in the west and more of a challenge to see in the east.  The eclipse begins 5:51 a.m. eastern time.  NASA will show a live link beginning at 5:30 a.m. eastern time.

And for MigreLief fans, we are offering a lunar special…

$4 OFF and any MigreLief formula or Calm & Clever memory/stress supplement.
Coupon Code;  LUNAR  Redeem at MigreLief.com or call 1-800-758-8746.

(Expires 2-4-18 (One per customer – may not combine specials)


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