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Can their be benefits to getting migraines. A recent study found migraine sufferers are less likely to get breast cancer.
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New Dangers of Prescription Migraine Meds

Researchers discover changes in nerve sensitivity to migraine triggers due to overuse of migriane drugs. In patients who over use either Over-The-Counter drugs like aspirin, Excedrin, motrin or prescription drugs like Imitrex, Zomig, Relpax, an increase in the number of migraines experienced every month, occurs. This is also referred to a “rebound headache”.
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Famous People with Migraine Headaches

Kings, Queens, Princesses and Celebrities, all suffer from migraines. Queen Elizabeth I and II, King Henry the VIII, Princess Margret and some of the richest, most powerful and most famous, were plagued by the life disrupting phenomenon of MIGRAINES. They could have been helped, find out how.
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How Do YOU Spell Migraine Relief?

Migraine Sufferers spell migraine relief many ways but the end results are the same..."MIGRELIEF" the leading name in natural migraine control. Whether searching online for "MigreLief" "MigraLief" "MigreRelief" "Mig Relief" "Migraleaf" "MigreLife' etc... Migraine sufferers are hoping to be directed to the migraine prevention supplement making a difference in the lives of so many sufferers.
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Effective Nutritional Support For Kids Suffering with Migraines

At Last! Nutritional Support for Children’s Migraines! The First Nutritional Migraine Supplement Just for Kids – Children’s MigreLief   LOS ANGELES, Dec. 23, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — MigreLief, the first name in migraine support, releases a safe and proven effective supplement for children of all ages:   One of the hardest things for a parent to do is to see their child in pain.  Yet every day millions of parents must watch helplessly as their children suffer from debilitating attacks.  About...
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Have a MigreLief review? Post it on our Facebook page!

Many migraine sufferers new to the MigreLief community are looking for consumer reviews and feedback.  Facebook is an easy-to-access place to locate reviews. We now have a review page on Facebook and would love it if you would stop by and post your MigreLief story or leave a quick review.   Do you have a MigreLief Review or Testimonial? Click here for a direct link to the proper page. This is the first review posted October 2010… “I have had migraines...
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