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Migraineur Moms – Chronic Migraines & Mother’s Guilt

Often there is a guilt felt among migraine sufferers, especially mothers, who sometimes feel they are letting their family down when needing to cancel family time, plans, or social events due to a migraine attack. It is a way of life for many mothers and not by choice. Remember to be understanding because mom does not have “just another bad headache.” She has one of the top disabling, and debilitating disorders in the world. Being unavailable to people, especially their...
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Migraine Drug Sales to Double Over Next 8 Years

Migraine Drug Sales are Expected to Almost Double Over the Next 8 Years. One Must Ask Oneself Why? Remember When a Billion Dollars Used to Be a Lot of Money?  Well It’s Not Enough for the Pharmaceutical Companies. Migraine Drug Sales are Expected to Almost Double Over the Next 8 Years. One Must Ask Oneself Why? One of the world’s leading research and advisory firms for pharmaceutical and healthcare issues, Decision Resources, recently reported that the market for migraine therapies...
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When Migraine Sufferers Get These Factors Under Control, The Results Can Be Life Changing

We receive correspondence on a daily basis from migraine sufferers asking about their migraines and whether or not MigreLief will work for them. Many things can happen physiologically that can contribute to migraines occurring. Platelets in your blood can clump together (aggregate) more than they should and this causes a neurotransmitter called serotonin to over release in the area the clumping occurs. Unfortunately, serotonin can cause blood vessels around the scalp and brain to constrict too much. When this happens,...
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Butterbur Plant

Butterbur and Migraine Warning From Web MD

PA-free butterbur products are POSSIBLY SAFE when taken by mouth appropriately and short term - up to 16 weeks. Butterbur products that contain pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs) are UNSAFE when taken by mouth or applied to broken skin. PAs can damage the liver, lungs, and blood circulation, and possibly cause cancer.
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emotional issues in children

Migraines in Children Associated with Behavioral Problems

A recently published article in the journal Cephalagia found that children, who suffer from migraines and tension headaches, are much more likely to experience social issues, attention issues, depression and anxiety than children who do not. The researchers examined the connection between migraines and tension type headaches and behavioral/emotional issues in almost 1,900 children between the ages of 5-11.   The results indicated that as the number of migraines a child experienced increased, the severity of the emotional issues increased....
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What Migraineurs Can Learn From Olympic Athletes

Going for the Gold: What Migraineurs can learn from Olympic Athletes With the eyes of the entire world on the Olympics, we marvel when we think of the stamina and perseverance it must have taken to win the opportunity to compete at such a level.
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FDA Warning: Anti-Depressants and Migraine Prescription Drugs

Taking Anti-depressants and Migraine prescription drugs can be dangerous and even a lethal combination. Many people who suffer from depression also suffer from migraine headaches. Unfortunately, the mechanism of action of many antidepressants is to increase serotonin (a feel good neurotransmitter) levels in the brain. Triptan drugs like Imitrex, which are used to reduce or end the pain of a migraine attack also work by stimulating serotonin receptors.
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Good News for Chronic Migraine Sufferers… Help is Within Reach

WHEN YOU ARE SICK AND TIRED OF BEING SICK AND TIRED – IT’S TIME TO CONSIDER YOUR NUTRITIONAL OPTIONS. Why are you still suffering chronic migraines? Stephen Silberstein, M.D., director of the Jefferson Headache Center and professor of neurology at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia is one of the most published migraine neurologists in the country. According to Dr. Silberstein, “One of the greatest bugaboos we see every day in headache centers is patients with chronic daily or near-daily headache,...
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