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Don’t Let a Migraine Ruin Your Royal Honeymoon

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Anyone who has migraines knows that stress can bring on an attack.  Major life changes like illness, moving, changing jobs and certainly getting married and planning a honeymoon, can be very stressful.

What is not as well known, is that migraines can often occur, just after the stressful event has occurred and not necessarily, during it.

One neurologist M.D. reports that she had a surgeon for a patient. The surgeon reported that he got migraines like clockwork on Fridays and Saturdays.  Upon questioning, the neurologist learned that the surgeon’s major surgery day was every Thursday and that the stress and pressure of having to perform at a high level was probably causing the migraines a day or two latter.

If you have ever planned a wedding, (let alone a Royal Wedding), you know the tremendous stress, aggravation and politics that can be involved.

The same neurologist, cited examples of how  brides, successfully get through the excitement and stress of their big wedding day, leave for their honeymoons, only to experience migraines, a couple of days after the stress is over.

stress events and migraines


She also points out, that the airplane travel, that is often part of the honeymoon plans, can also trigger migraines and that it is essential to stay very well hydrated during flying. Also, be sure to get up and move around, especially during longer flights. Finally, remember that lack of sleep can also trigger migraines.  So bring sleep aids if necessary and speak to your physician about using melatonin for jet-lag, which can disrupt your sleeping patterns.

Here’s hoping that your “Royal Honeymoon” is a royal joy and not a royal pain.

Curt Hendrix