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New Warning of Botox Dangers

Under: Migraine & Headache

Company Marketing Botox Loses 212 Million Lawsuit Over Side-Effects

Most people are probably familiar with the use of Botox whereby it is injected to reduce frown lines, and reduce muscle stiffness. Other people who suffer with migraines may be familiar with the suggested use of  Botox to prevent migraines.
Should you ever decide to use Botox, you should discuss the potential side-effects with your physician.
A jury in Virginia has awarded a man who used injected Botox to reduce stiffness in his fingers,  $212 million dollars because it was found that the Botox caused him brain damage.
This implies that the Botox migrated from his fingers to other parts of his body and may have caused an autoimmune reaction. This of course would be of concern to people who have the Botox injected into their foreheads.
For chronic migraine sufferers, the risk and expense of trying Botox should be weighed against proven natural and safe options for migraine prevention.

Curt Hendrix

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