World-Wide, Medical Harm Occurs in 43 Million Hospital Cases Each Year!

November 1st, 2013

hospitalPreventive health care, be it following a healthy diet, exercising, and  taking needed and essential vitamins and minerals in the event of dietary deficiencies, all can help to keep you out of the hospital.

And a recent report published in the British Medical Journal Quality and Safety, focuses on yet another reason to avoid hospitalization.
World-Wide,  medical harm occurs in 43 million hospital cases each year!

It is not clear if the risk of developing nosocomial infections (infections you didn’t have when checking into the hospital but pick up while you are hospitalized) are even included in this huge 43,000,000 number of cases.

Iatrogenic illness is very, very real.  (This is inadvertent illness or serious side-effects caused by medical treatment).

Ultimately you and you alone are responsible for your health and the potentially huge financial drain that illnesses and the medical and hospital costs to treat them, can cause.

Eating healthy, exercising and when necessary, taking supplements that are backed by high quality published literature in peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals are relatively inexpensive and can go a long way to keeping you healthy and out of the hospital.

If you would like to read more about what the researchers who did this study found, please follow this  link to an article published by HealthDay News.


Curt Hendrix, M.S., C.C.N., C.N.S.