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7 Natural Herbs, Vitamins and Minerals for Youthful Knees

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When it comes to knees and other joint comfort and health, this amazing combination of 7 supplements will make a big difference.

The trace mineral boron has been shown to support joint mobility and flexibility while promoting joint comfort. Boron stimulates the bone-growing and strengthening processes.*

Puracol® Feverfew is a proprietary combination of whole leaf feverfew high in naturally occurring phytochemicals and a special feverfew extract. Researchers have found that the herb feverfew can inhibit the release of enzymes from white cells found in inflamed joints, which is of particular support for joint comfort.*



Boswellia has long been used in traditional medicine. Modern clinical research has shown that boswellia supports a healthy inflammatory response and is beneficial to joint health and integrity.*

Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic acid binds to water to support lubrication and acts as a joint shock absorber. Its main functions are to maintain collagen, retain moisture, and encourage elasticity and flexibility.*

Vitamin C – Ascorbic Acid
In terms of joint health, vitamin C is critical for the production and maintenance of collagen, the major component of connective tissue throughout the body. Our joints are largely made of the fibrous protein “collagen”, supporting both flexible and strong joints.*

Magnesium helps promote a healthy inflammatory response, improves calcium absorption, and reduces oxidative stress. The sufficient intake of magnesium is particularly important for maintaining muscle and nerve function, which also contributes to the structural development of bones—especially important to those involved in sports, the elderly, and anyone of any age with joint issues.*

Ginger has been widely used as a traditional medicine for centuries. Science-backed clinical studies show ginger to support a healthy inflammatory response, joint flexibility, mobility, and comfort and boost overall immunity. Akeso’s Cerevasc™ Ginger is a proprietary complex of ginger root and whole plant constituents.*


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All Joints Ultra



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