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We normally think of hair loss and men but in actuality, 40% of people dealing with hair loss are women.

I have seen stress, thyroid conditions, medicines and chemotherapy (to name just a few) cause hair loss, which most of the time is reversible.

Your body needs the proper and adequate nutritional building blocks to grow healthy hair and skin.
For any of you challenged with bothersome hair loss, I suggest the following:

1- Eating organic fruits and vegetables
2- Taking a daily multiple vitamin supplement
3- Supplementing with 10 mg. of biotin, a B-vitamin,  per day
4- Scalp massages to enhance blood flow
5- Eat enough protein – at least 70 grams/day
6- Consume iodized salt – low thyroid often contributes to thinning hair
7- Balance your hormones – too much testosterone and too little estrogen can cause hair loss, women who suffer from PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) experience this.


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I think you will find the WebMD slideshow below about female hair loss very informative as well

Link to WebMd slideshow



Curt Hendrix, MS, CCN, CNS