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June is ‘Migraine Awareness Month’ – Give a Migraine Sufferer Hope

June is ‘Migraine Awareness Month’ – Give a Migraine Sufferer Hope for a New Life Without Migraines Today! If MigreLief gave you back your life… Pay it forward. We consistently receive letters of gratitude and inquiries from past sufferers asking how they can help with our mission to stop the suffering of migraines worldwide. If MigreLief made a difference in your life, tell another migraineur of this natural alternative to suffering a lifetime of pain or simply share this post...
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While it is easy to understand that during and just after a migraine attack sex would not be on the mind of most women, researchers from Italy found that over all sex drive and desire is reduced in women who suffer with chronic migraines. The researchers examined 100 women, with an average age of 40. The women gave in depth histories about their sex lives. It was found that these women experienced greater stress in general and specifically when it...
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Migraines and Lupus

ARE MIGRAINES A SYMPTOM OF LUPUS? Recent research found migraines in lupus patients do not occur because of the disease and should be treated as a separate condition.
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