We just wanted to remind you about some helpful hints that can reduce your chances of developing a migraine:

    1. Stay well hydrated. An 8 ounce glass of water every couple of hours.
    2. Scents and odors can trigger migraines. Don’t hang around people who smoke and ask your fellow employees to go easy on the cologne of perfume.
    3. Bright or flickering lights can also trigger migraines.  If you work a lot on a computer use an anti-glare screen/filter.
    4. Healthy snacks every hour or so can prevent drops in blood sugar than can also serve as triggers to migraines.
    5. Pay attention to prodromal symptoms (symptoms like dizziness, visual or speech impairments) which occur prior to the pain of the migraine striking. Sometimes taking an ibuprofen during this period can prevent the full migraine from occurring.
    6. Small amounts of caffeine may help with migraine pain, but large amounts will cause more migraines to occur.
    7. If you suffer from several migraines a month, or have 15 or more headache days a month, you are a good candidate for preventive therapies. The best all-natural and proven one is MigreLief.   www.MigreLief.com



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