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STRESS – A Major Cause of Migraines Headaches in Children

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Italian researchers at the European Neurological Society reported that stress was a major factor in 72% of migraines in children.

Stress from school work, fear of failure, bullying and lack of sleep often caused by late night use of computers, hand-held devices or television were noted.

Parents of children who suffer with migraines should be aware of these issues and do their best to help the child address and resolve them.

stress is a trigger for migraine?


If your child has migraines (symptoms of headache pain, nausea/cyclic vomiting) 15 or more days per month, then your child may be a good candidate for migraine support.

Prescription migraine drugs are usually prescribed for adults and not children. Even those that have been tested in children may have significant side-effects which most parents would want to avoid.

Children’s MigreLief was developed for children between the ages of 2-11. Like Original MigreLief, which can be used by children 12 years of age and older, it is all natural, very effective, and recommended by many neurologists who specialize in migraines.


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