Multiple studies have demonstrated that high dose riboflavin is extremely beneficial for migraine sufferers, both adults, and children.


Riboflavin is also known as Vitamin B-2, is an essential nutrient required for life. One of the most important uses of riboflavin is that it helps in the production of energy in the body.  The vitamin is water-soluble, which means the body cannot store it, but it is vital for red blood cell production and growth.

Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins all interact with riboflavin when releasing energy for our bodies to use. Riboflavin also acts as an antioxidant that can prevent premature aging and chronic illness.


It’s naturally found in organ meats such as liver and kidney and in many vegetables, legumes, nuts, and leafy greens like spinach. Some of the richest sources include calf liver, torula yeast, and brewer’s yeast, whole almonds, wheat germ and mushrooms, milk, cheddar cheese, and eggs are also good sources.




– Riboflavin is involved in energy production in every cell.

– Riboflavin helps convert carbohydrates to sugar which acts as fuel to carry out bodily functions.  It is also critical to the breakdown of fats and proteins into energy your body can use. The enzymes involved in energy production do not function optimally without adequate riboflavin in the diet, which may lead to fatigue.

– Riboflavin is an excellent antioxidant that protects your body from free radical damage and aids in slowing the process of aging and many chronic diseases.

– Riboflavin is essential for the formation and proper functioning of fresh red blood cells. It interacts with iron which is used to synthesize hemoglobin (a major component of oxygen-carrying red blood cells.) Keeping hemoglobin levels high, helps your body to get the oxygen-rich blood necessary to perform the daily functions of life.

– Riboflavin is essential for the growth of healthy body tissue, including skin, hair, nails, and connective tissue. (One of the most common signs of riboflavin or vitamin B-2 deficiency is scaly, dry skin, cracked lips, and lesions around the mouth.)

– Riboflavin ensures proper growth and healthy reproductive organs

– Riboflavin helps to maintain a healthy immune system by enhancing natural immunity by strengthening the antibody reserves and by reinforcing the defense system against infections.

– Riboflavin protects the nervous system: Vitamin B2 can help in treating various nervous system conditions such as multiple sclerosis, anxiety, and epilepsy.

– Riboflavin helps to prevent acne. It helps improve the mucus secretion of skin and might clean up the skin pustules.

– Riboflavin (B-2) also plays a major role in the functioning of the other B complex vitamins like vitamin B3 (niacin) and vitamin B6 (pyridoxine). Therefore, a lack of riboflavin in the body can hinder the activity of other vitamins.

– Riboflavin is used in iron therapy for the treatment of sickle cell and iron deficiency anemia.

– Riboflavin may lower the risk of cataracts in people.

– Riboflavin helps in the repair of tissue, healing and infection

– Riboflavin assists in regulating thyroid activity.

– Riboflavin is known to be beneficial for people suffering from the following conditions; rheumatoid arthritis, eczema, acne, and migraines.


Riboflavin/B-2 metabolites such as Flavin Adenine Dinucleotide or “FAD” are co-factors in the Krebs Cycle that produces energy. This coenzyme is an important component of the electron-transport chain.   This is crucial because a deficiency of mitochondrial energy reserves has been observed in migraine sufferers and many people exhibiting poor cerebrovascular tone.  Furthermore, migraineurs experience significant mitochondrial energy deficiencies prior to a migraine.  Replenishing them with high dose riboflavin has positive consequences for migraine sufferers.

Note: “Flavin” refers to any of a group of yellow nitrogen-containing pigments, as riboflavin, that function as coenzymes. Because the vitamin riboflavin is water-soluble and not stored in the body, excess riboflavin not utilized by cells in the body is safely eliminated through the urine causing it to turn yellow.

Original MigreLief provides 400 mg of riboflavin, which is significantly higher than most multi-vitamins or B-complex products. Children’s MigreLief contains 200 mg of riboflavin.

Multiple studies have demonstrated that high dose riboflavin can help maintain healthy mitochondrial energy reserves, which are the powerhouses of cells, including brain cells. While women suffer migraine attacks three times more than men, both men and women equally benefit from riboflavin  It is low cost and well-tolerated option.


Riboflavin – Magnesium – Feverfew

Nutritional deficiencies, inflammation, and vasospasms can independently and together contribute to migraines occurring. While riboflavin can be effective for maintaining healthy levels of mitochondrial energy reserves, combining riboflavin with magnesium and feverfew provides three mechanisms of action, each working independently and together to provide ongoing nutritional benefits for migraine sufferers.

In fact, a 2003 study in the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association noted that using riboflavin in combination with feverfew and magnesium helps to maintain normal cerebrovascular function aiding the blood to flow more properly in the brain. When the blood is flowing the way it should, it helps to maintain a healthy inflammatory response and to maintain healthy cerebrovascular tone and function.


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