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Cindy McCain’s Battle with Migraines Inspires Campaign

Cindy McCain, who has suffered from migraines for more than 20 years recently launched the “36 Million Migraine Campaign” on the TODAY show.  This is an effort by the American...

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Migraine Story of an Instagram User Who Tried MigreLief for 3 Weeks

A young lady discovered MigreLief on the mobile phone app Instagram, “liked” & said “Just purchased this stuff, lets see if it works!” 3 weeks later she posted, “This stuff...

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children migraine
JUNE is Migraine Awareness Month – Pediatric Migraine Facts

JUNE is Migraine Awareness Month…Children Get Recurring Migraines Too! Pediatric Migraine Facts Many people don’t know that children also get migraines. Every day millions of parents watch helplessly as their...

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Waist to hip
Can Increased Body Weight Reduce Your Lifespan?

We have all known skinny women who think they are fat.  Some of us have known people who are overweight but just don’t see themselves that way. I’ve had men...

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guilty mom with migraine
Migraineur Moms – Chronic Migraines & Mother’s Guilt

Often there is a guilt felt among migraine sufferers, especially mothers, who sometimes feel they are letting their family down when needing to cancel family time, plans, or social events...

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kids nutrition
Important Information for Parents: How to Help Kids Have a Lengthier, Higher Quality of Life

Study Reveals Important Information for Parents: How You Can Help Your Kids have a Lengthier, Higher Quality of Life A study, as reported by and other health sites, with...

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healthy eating
Eating Right May Be The Key to Better Health

Eating Right May be the Key to Better Health: Study Suggests Typical Western Diet Lessens Quality and Length of Life A new study with results that will appear in the...

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Do Osteoporosis Drugs & Calcium Prevent Fractures?

Recent studies indicate that  high levels of calcium are potentially dangerous to your cardiovascular system, and increases both calcification of arteries and MI risk.   There is a much better...

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breast cancer risk
7 Basic Tips to Lower Your Risk Of Breast Cancer

EAT A LOW FAT DIET Research shows a modest decrease in invasive breast cancer for women with a low-fat diet. Limit the polyunsaturated fat (in corn, safflower, and sunflower oils) and saturated...

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Migraine Relief for Women Suffering in Silence
50% of Migraine Sufferers Suffer in Silence

Dr. Nancy Waltman of the University of Nebraska Medical Center stated, “We have found that a lot of women remain silent and don’t get treated for their migraines. The best...

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zero calories drinks
Low Calorie & Zero Calorie Drinks – Are They Healthier?

Low Calorie or Zero Calorie Beverages… Are They Really Healthier Options? I have written many articles about just how fattening and unhealthy the sugary beverages that so many of us...

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migraine kids
Life as a Child with Migraines -Founder of National Migraine Association Shares His Story

Often migraines in children are dismissed by parents, teachers family members and friends who don’t understand the overall effect they have on a child. Below is an excerpt from an...

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