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Are Calcium Supplements Dangerous to Your Health?

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Dear Valued MigreLief Fans,

For decades I have been telling all women that the need to take 1000-1500 mg per day of calcium to protect your bones is a hoax and a myth which is propagated in part by the pharmaceutical companies that own some of the calcium marketing companies and a general lack of familiarity with the published literature demonstrating the dangers of supplementing with calcium product, within certain segments of the healthcare community.

Sayer Ji, is an excellent chronicler of huge amounts of published, peer-reviewed medical trials and studies and has written a compelling article spelling out why supplementing with high levels of calcium is not just necessary but potentially very dangerous to a women’s health.


calcium supplements

Should women take calcium supplements?


Please read his article “Why Most Calcium Supplement Recommendations are Dead Wrong” and then read my past article on bone health and how to protect your bones against fractures. “Say NO to Osteoporosis Drugs  & the Dangers of Calcium Supplementation


As always, protecting your health,

Curt Hendrix M.S. C.C.N. C.N.S.