I recently read that there was a big party after the Emmy awards at the Playboy mansion. The article said that Shawn “Ditty Combs,” the record and entertainment mogul, was in attendance. During the party Combs fell victim to an extremely painful migraine attack and had to be taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Also this month, comedian Russell Brand was reported to have to leave the stage in the middle of a performance because he had a migraine attack that was just too debilitating.

It is not known to us if either of these two celebrities is chronic migraine suffers or just experienced a single, random migraine. Usually, but not always, attacks this severe are associated more with chronic migraine sufferers.

For those who are chronic and suffer with the question “When” as opposed to “If” the next attack will occur, prevention is the clear choice. Eliminate the threat of not knowing when the next attack will occur and what it will suddenly disrupt or what plans will have to be cancelled.

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Curt Hendrix M.S. C.C.N. C.N.S.



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