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Do you take pain medication or off-the-shelf headache medication to help manage your migraine pain just so you can make it through the day? You now have a safe drug-free fast-acting alternative!


INTRODUCING “MigreLief-NOW  An all new dietary supplement that can be taken AS NEEDED for FAST-ACTING cerebral support during difficult times.

Unlike MigreLief Original Formula, MigreLief+M and Children’s MigreLief which are taken daily to keep you steadily on tract maintaining normal cerebrovascular tone and function, MigreLief-NOW is taken for on-the-spot support when you need help… NOW!

ABOUT MigreLief-NOW:

INGREDIENTS:  Puracol Feverfew, Aflapin Boswellia Serrata, Cerevasc Ginger and Magnesium.  Kosher/Vegetarian.

Does NOT contain:  Aspirin, caffeine, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, yeast, wheat, corn, milk, gluten, soy, salt, artificial coloring or flavorings.

These ingredients have been shown in human clinical studies to have numerous health benefits including benefits for migraine and headache sufferers

Ingredients in All New MigreLief NOW

Not just for migraines… it’s so much more! It’s clinically shown that the ingredients in “NOW” have benefits other than providing fast acting support to migraine sufferers

RECOMMENDED USAGE:  Take 2-4 MigreLief-NOW capsules as needed with food, at the first sign of discomfort. Wait 2 hours and if needed, 2 more capsules can be taken. Half of the adult dose can be given to children between the ages 2-11.

MigreLief-NOW can be taken at any time with any other migraine treatments, including all other MigreLief formulas.

Why Multiple MigreLief Formulas?

4 migraine formulas Even though a majority of MigreLief users experience significant benefits with the patent protected MigreLief formulas, some sufferers still need additional help and options to get their pain under control.

It is for this reason that we have developed and added MigreLief-NOW to the MigreLief line of migraine supplements.

MigreLief–NOW is a new option for those unpredictable times when fast-acting, on the spot support is needed to help maintain normal and healthy cerebrovascular function.

For migraine sufferers, the battle against migraines seems endless and it takes everything they’ve got to shore up and courageously battle on.  Life’s obligations don’t cease when one feels down-for-the-count as so often pressure and worry compound the pain.

In addition to taking MigreLief-NOW as needed during difficult times, if you are currently using a MigreLief daily formula; MigreLief Original Formula, Children’s MigreLief or MigreLief+M, and feel you need additional daily support, you may add 2 MigreLief-NOW capsules a day to your morning dose (1 for children between age 1-11). Note:  If you’re a chronic migraine sufferer (several migraines each month,) MigreLief-NOW is not meant to replace daily MigreLief  maintenance formulas.


You can count on Akeso to be at the leading edge of research and innovation when it comes to safe and effective nutritional options for migraine and headache sufferers.

To the Best of Health,

Curt Hendrix M.S., C.C.N.,  C.N.S.

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