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What are Doctors and Healthcare Professionals are Saying about MigreLief?

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“My daughter has suffered from migraines from about the age of 5. She would start with a severe headache then progress to full blown sensitivity to light/sound and repeated vomiting 3-4 times a month. This was in addition to her frequent “normal” headaches. You’d think-considering my job- I’d have connections getting her in to see the local Pediatric Neurologist….think again lol! Luckily the neurologist reached out and suggested I try Akeso’s Children’s MigreLief. MigreLief is a nutritional supplement containing Riboflavin, Magnesium, and Feverfew which have all shown great benefits for migraine sufferers, and boy did we see the benefits!”   ~ Candice B., APRN, CNP, FNP-C

“My patients and I have been pleased with a supplement called MigreLief, which contains the amounts of magnesium, riboflavin, and feverfew I recommend. After almost 9 years of scientific study… plus experience with hundreds of patients, I can confidently say that the “Triple Therapy” found in MigreLief is a new approach to migraines”.  ~ Dr. Alexander Mauskop M.D., Director New York Headache Center.

“MigreLief has been highly effective in my practice” – Dr. Dennis Dietrich M.D., Advanced Neurology Specialist, Great Falls, Montana.

“I have found the product to be highly effective in approximately 80% of patients for whom I have prescribed MigreLief”  ~Dr. Robert Kirschbaum, Rancho Cucamonga, California.