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15 Cancer Prevention Tips

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The International Agency for Research on Cancer projects that the number of people with cancer will increase by 75% by the year 2030 as we continue the unhealthy habits of our “Westernized” lifestyle and as developing countries adopt our lifestyle.

As developing countries become more affluent they also pick up the bad habits of fast foods, huge portions, poor diets, and less exercise.

In affluent countries like ours, cancer is the 1st or 2nd leading cause of death, but so many of us believe that despite our being over-weight, making poor food choices, eating way too many calories, and doing far less exercise than we should, cancer will happen to somebody else…..NOT ME!

Some of us feel “good health” is a right to which we are entitled, and  should not have to “work” to stay healthy.  I think good health is a goal that we all should strive for and like other goals, something that we have to consciously “work” at to achieve and maintain.

15 Things To Do To Decrease Your Risk of Developing Cancer:

1-     Eat vegetables – Especially broccoli and broccoli sprouts, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, and carrots

2-     Avoid charbroiled meats, processed meats and packaged meats

3-     Consume small amounts of berries like blueberries or black raspberries a few times a week.

4-     Cut way back on your daily sugar intake.  Reduce soda and fruit juice intake and instead replace with sparkling mineral water.  Reduce dessert to a treat that you eat just once or twice a week and even then in small amounts

5-     Take a daily multiple vitamin

6-     Daily consumption of a turmeric (95% curcumin) supplement at 1000-1500 mg/day and a green tea supplement (50% EGCG) 1000-1500 mg/day

7-     Daily consumption of 500 mg. of ascorbic acid (vitamin C)

8-     Exercise both with weight for resistance and aerobically. For your aerobic exercise, spend 90 seconds at a moderate pace and then increase to a very challenging pace for 30 seconds.  Work up to doing this cycle 6-8 times, 3 days a week.

9-     Make salads a mainstay in your diet and use healthy dressings like vinaigrette or balsamic.

bowl of salad

10-  Make additive-free chicken and turkey breast your primary sources of meat

11- Consume at least 1500 mg/day of the omega-3 essential fatty acids EPA and DHA

12-  Eat salmon or tuna at least once or twice a week

13- Get lots of fiber into your diet, from flaxseeds, psyllium, high fiber cereals and vegetables

14- Do not smoke

15- Use protection when in the sun

These healthy habits will go along way if you make them part of your lifestyle and daily routine.

To the best of health,

Curt Hendrix, M.S., C.C.N., C.N.S.