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women’s health

calcium recommendation

Are Calcium Supplements Dangerous to Your Health?

Dear Valued MigreLief Fans, For decades I have been telling all women that the need to take 1000-1500 mg per day of calcium to protect your bones is a hoax and a myth which is propagated in part by the pharmaceutical companies that own some of the calcium marketing companies and a general lack of familiarity with the published literature demonstrating the dangers of supplementing with calcium product, within certain segments of the healthcare community. Sayer Ji, is an excellent...
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breast cancer risk

7 Basic Tips to Lower Your Risk Of Breast Cancer

EAT A LOW FAT DIET Research shows a modest decrease in invasive breast cancer for women with a low-fat diet. Limit the polyunsaturated fat (in corn, safflower, and sunflower oils) and saturated fat (in meat and dairy) in your diet.  There is evidence that certain western lifestyle factors particularly our high fat diet – appear to increase the risk of the disease. For example, scientists found that although Japanese women have a much lower risk of developing breast cancer than women in the...
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negative effects of alcohol on women


It seems to be clear from multiple studies that women are more vulnerable to the negative effects of alcohol consumption. Because women have less water in their bodies than men, they accumulate higher levels of alcohol in their blood when drinking the same amount as men.  This happens even if the woman weighs the same amount. Therefore, women are more susceptible and are at higher risk for liver, heart and brain damage, from alcohol consumption.     The long talked...
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women and constipation

Women Are 3X More Likely to Be Constipated Than Men?

Natural Options For Treatment Though not a topic many people like to discuss, constipation, especially in women, is quite common. If it occurs just occasionally, that is relatively normal and not a major health concern.  But if your constipation is chronic, it can lead to other health issues. All sort of reasons are offered as to why women are much more likely to be constipated than men. Anatomical differences, hormonal differences, more stress, are all mentioned as factors, but the...
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