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Vitamin C

Knee Pain Supplments

7 Natural Herbs, Vitamins and Minerals for Youthful Knees

When it comes to knees and other joint comfort and health, this amazing combination of 7 supplements will make a big difference. Boron The trace mineral boron has been shown to support joint mobility and flexibility while promoting joint comfort. Boron stimulates the bone-growing and strengthening processes.* Feverfew Puracol® Feverfew is a proprietary combination of whole leaf feverfew high in naturally occurring phytochemicals and a special feverfew extract. Researchers have found that the herb feverfew can inhibit the release of...
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How Much Vitamin C should I take?

Are You Taking 500-1,000 Mg of Vitamin C Daily?

Vitamin C is one of the safest and most effective nutrients when it comes to protecting our health and longevity.  When we are run down, stressed, or actually sick, our bodies burn through vitamin C at an alarming rate. Once your vitamin C levels drop, your immune system becomes more compromised which could lead to other health issues. This explains why we are able to tolerate much larger than normal doses of vitamin C than we would normally require when...
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Researcher Calls for Doubling of Vitamin C RDA

  RESPECTED RESEARCHER AT THE LINUS PAULING NUTRITION RESEARCH INSTITUTE CALLS FOR DOUBLING OF VITAMIN C RECOMMENDED DAILY ALLOWANCE I am of the opinion that many of the recommended daily allowances that are recommended for many vitamins and minerals are WOEFULLY too low. The days of some physicians saying you don’t need to take higher levels of some vitamins because you will just urinate them out, are thankfully disappearing as more and more physicians actually make an effort to learn...
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