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dangers of salty diet

Overcosumption of Salt in Kid’s Diets

Kids are Eating as Much Salt as Adults and It May Not Bode Well for Their Blood Pressures   The above chart, which was included in an interesting article I recently read about salt consumption in children and adolescents, effectively show how intelligent food choices, can keep our salt consumption down. A study just published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in the journal  Pediatrics, found that kids are consuming salt at the same daily rate as adults,...
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high sodium diet

High Salt & Sedentary Lifestyle Bad for Cognition

HIGH SALT CONSUMPTION COUPLED WITH A SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE MAKES FOR A BAD RECIPE REGARDING COGNITIVE FUNCTION IN PEOPLE OVER 60 A recent study showed that if you are over 60 and want to maintain the healthy memory and cognitive function you currently have……………then get out and exercise! This new research found that people who consumed over 2500 mg of salt a day and also were sedentary experienced cognitive decline associated with age. Those who exercised, even in spite of high...
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