Recently the U.S. Department of Health recommended that total daily sodium consumption be kept to no more than 1500 mg. per day for people over age 50 and 2300 mg. per day if you are 50 or below.

The average person consumes over 3500 mg. of sodium a day.

Too much salt can cause bloating and increase blood pressure both of which can strain our hearts and lead to heart failure.

salty food

Sausages are high in sodium

Top 10 High Salt Foods

  1. Hot Dog – 1300 mg
  2. Sausages 1200 mg
  3. Cheese Nachos – 1250 mg.
  4. Soy Sauce (1 tbsp) – 1000 mg.
  5. Canned Soups – 600 – 1000 mg.
  6. Processed Meats;  3 oz Corned Beef – 1700 mg …. 3 oz. Dried Beef 4000 mg.
  7. Wheat Flakes – 800 mg.
  8. Canadian Bacon – 2500 mg.
  9. Bouillon Cubes – 5000 mg.
  10. Processed Cheese 1200 mg.
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