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migraine trigger

red wine

Here’s to St. Patrick’s Day – Now Even Migraineurs Can Drink to That!

Research from Florence Italy, published in the Journal of Headache Pain seems to contradict the long-standing belief that alcohol is a major trigger of migraine headaches. But for those of  you who become Irish for the day and want to partake in the fun, even if you are a migraine sufferer, the research seems to indicate that a moderate amount of alcohol is probably not the cause of many migraine attacks. Though many articles talk about alcohol as a migraine...
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migraine causes

What can cause migraines?

What can cause migraines? The answer may vary depending on the individual. When the temperature climbs, so does the likelihood of developing a migraine or other severe headache. In one recent study, researchers found a 7.5% increase in headache risk for every 9 degrees Fahrenheit. Low barometric pressure, which often precedes rain, was linked to a small bump in non-migraine headaches. Strong smells — even nice ones — trigger migraines in many people. Why this happens is unclear, but the...
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