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migraine headache relief

NEW MIGRELIEF REVIEWS! Patients & Physicians Report on Their Experience with MigreLief Migraine Supplement

MIGRELIEF USERS & HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS REVIEW MIGRELIEF  A big thank you to all healthcare professionals who recommend MigreLief to their patients and to the MigreLief users who constantly “pay it forward” by recommending MigreLief to other migraine sufferers.  Physician/Healthcare Professional Reviews ~ “I use MigreLief and it is GREAT!” I want to be able to share it with my patients at the Durham VAMC.”   -Jan P., PA-C Durham VA Medical Center ~ We have multiple patients on MigreLief & have had positive...
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Butterbur and Migraine Warning From Web MD

PA-free butterbur products are POSSIBLY SAFE when taken by mouth appropriately and short term - up to 16 weeks. Butterbur products that contain pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs) are UNSAFE when taken by mouth or applied to broken skin. PAs can damage the liver, lungs, and blood circulation, and possibly cause cancer.
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Prevent Menstrual Migraine While Avoiding Middle Age Weight Gain

LONG TERM MENSTRUAL MIGRAINE RELIEF Prevent menstrual migraine headaches by addressing the underlying causes leading to more than just migraines. THE MIGRAINE – WEIGHT GAIN CONNECTION 90% of women gain weight between the ages of 35-55. The average weight gain is about 15-20 pounds, with a disproportionate amount of this weight being an increase in body fat. What is unfair about this, is the fact that much of this weight gain and/or body fat increase, can occur without, increasing caloric...
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Headaches and Migraines Impair Attention And May Impact Learning

HEADACHES/MIGRAINES IMPAIR ATTENTION IN CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS AND MAY NEGATIVELY IMPACT LEARNING It is difficult enough for children to perform academically at acceptable levels in school. The last thing they need is the pain of headaches and migraines to decrease their ability to pay attention and learn. However this is exactly what happens to them according to a study done in Milan, Italy and published in the journal “Headache”. The researchers compared 14 children who had migraines with aura, 29...
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FDA Proposes New Rules Threatening Dietary Supplements

The availability and affordability of dietary supplements is being seriously threatened by new rules proposed by the FDA. These rules play right into the hands of the big pharmaceutical companies that would love to take over the dietary supplement industry and turn these supplements into very high cost drugs that would only be available through them.
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