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Help for Kids with Abdominal Migraine

Abdominal Migraine in Children – Safe Options

Abdominal migraine is one of the most common causes of abdominal pain in children and is becoming more frequently diagnosed in adults. Although the pain will come and go, it is severely debilitating during a migraine episode, is very distressing for children. Recurring abdominal pain can have a drastic effect on a child’s overall quality of life and school performance. Abdominal pain in childhood accounts for 2-4% of office visits to the doctor and 50% of referrals to pediatric gastroenterologists....
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Managing Chronic Migraine | Tips for Parents with Migraines

Being a parent is a fantastic and rewarding experience, but it can also be incredibly hard sometimes, especially for migraine sufferers. Parenting with a migraine is difficult as you can’t always predict where and when one will strike. But there are ways to manage them, so they are less of an impediment to daily life. 5 Tips for Successful Parenting with Migraines Always Be Prepared Though we usually think of being prepared for migraines as having the right medications on...
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Children’s Migraines – The Biggest, Baddest Bully

In society today, parents have so many things to worry about when it comes to their children. The behavior of other children is usually high on any parents’ concern list.  The stress caused to a child by a bully is unimaginable and it is difficult to ease their pain, and both emotional and physical stress. Now imagine helping your child cope with an unseen bully who strikes viciously without warning. Most parents would risk life and limb to protect their...
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children migraine

JUNE is Migraine Awareness Month – Pediatric Migraine Facts

JUNE is Migraine Awareness Month…Children Get Recurring Migraines Too! Pediatric Migraine Facts Many people don’t know that children also get migraines. Every day millions of parents watch helplessly as their children suffer from debilitating migraine attacks. Migraines in children often go undiagnosed because unlike adults, children can not easily communicate to their parents or physicians just what type of symptoms they’re experiencing. Many times they’re too young to articulate what they’re feeling so migraines go untreated for a long time....
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Important Information for Parents: How to Help Kids Have a Lengthier, Higher Quality of Life

Study Reveals Important Information for Parents: How You Can Help Your Kids have a Lengthier, Higher Quality of Life A study, as reported by and other health sites, with results that will appear in the May issue of The American Journal of Medicine, has revealed that people who follow a Western-style diet have a reduced chance for reaching older age in good health and with high functionality. The study was led by Dr. Tasnime Akbaraly, PhD, Inserm, Montpellier, France; his...
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Life as a Child with Migraines -Founder of National Migraine Association Shares His Story

Often migraines in children are dismissed by parents, teachers family members and friends who don’t understand the overall effect they have on a child. Below is an excerpt from an interview with The National Migraine Association (M.A.G.N.U.M) Founder and Executive Director Michael John Coleman discussing his childhood experiences with migraine disease.  He grew up with debilitating migraines and has dedicated his life to bringing public awareness to the fact that MIGRAINE is a true biologic neurological disease.  His non-profit organization...
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Children with Migraines Do Not Have Many Options for Migraine Relief

Children with Migraines Do Not Have Many Options When it Comes to Migraine Relief  ~Reuters Health The article below from Reuters Health is another example of good reasons why parents with adolescent children or children as young as 2 years old, suffering migraines, should use pediatrician recommended MigreLief or Children’s MigreLief. (Reuters Health) February 4, 2013 – A drug-free placebo pill prevents migraines in kids and teens just as well as most headache medicines, according to a new review of past evidence. Researchers...
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STRESS – A Major Cause of Migraines Headaches in Children

Italian researchers at the European Neurological Society reported that stress was a major factor in 72% of migraines in children. Stress from school work, fear of failure, bullying and lack of sleep often caused by late night use of computers, hand-held devices or television were noted. Parents of children who suffer with migraines should be aware of these issues and do their best to help the child address and resolve them.   If your child has migraines (symptoms of headache...
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Help for kids with migraine


When a child has one sided throbbing head pain, that may or may not be accompanied by visual, motor or cognitive dysfunction, there is a chance that your child is suffering from migraines. If your child has cycles of vomiting and nausea and possibly abdominal pain, that last for hours and recur every few months, it is possible your child is suffering from migraines, and a specialist may be need to confirm this diagnosis. If you or your spouse suffers...
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