Resistance is Futile – “Going with the Flow” for Migraine Prevention

August 14th, 2012

Going with the flow for migraine preventionDoes your life seem fraught with major frustration leading to stress and pain? When you sense an impending headache, does it panic you, or do you become afraid? Are you at a point where it seems you can no longer live a normal life because everything that comes along seems to produce a migraine?

The more we resist something, the more entrenched it becomes. The minute we vow to ourselves that we won’t do a certain thing, or allow ourselves a certain thought pattern, it is almost as if whatever that “certain thing” is takes on a life of its own and nearly becomes entrenched.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna, the Divine, stops time to offer words of strength to his mortal friend, Arjuna, as he stands ready to fight a seemingly unbeatable foe. “My friend,” Krishna says, “Resist what resists in you. Become yourself.” What great words for anyone who wants victory over something, and often migraines can feel like an unbeatable foe. The greatest health comes from being “in the flow.”

We may be survivors, little rebels, and pride ourselves on going “against the flow.” Anything else seems defeatist, apathetic, all those things we’ve learned to abhor. But when that philosophy permeates us to the core, we can set ourselves up for ill health. That seems stra