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  • Migraine & Headache

Over 20% of Migraine Sufferers are Taking Drugs They Shouldn’t Be!

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Triptan drugs like Imitrex, Maxalt, Relpax, Zomig, Amerge, Axert, Frova and Treximate are used to try to reduce or stop the pain of an on-going migraine.

The way these drugs work is to narrow blood vessels that have become over dilated due to the migraine.

A study done in late 2011 reviewed the drugs being taken by over 120,000 migraine sufferers.  It found that over 1 in 5 migraine sufferers who had been prescribed Triptan drugs, had heart conditions for which these drugs were prohibited and possibly dangerous.

The Triptans not only narrow blood vessels in the brain, but in the heart as well and this narrowing of heart arteries is contraindicated in people with heart conditions.

For those of you who suffer from chronic migraines, prevention is the best option.

To learn about how to keep and maintain the already normal cerebrovascular function you have on your migraine-free days, please go to


To the Best of Health,

Curt Hendrix, M.S., C.C.N., C.N.S.