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How Long Does It Take MigreLief-NOW to Work?

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MigreLief-NOW is Akeso’ fast-acting “as-needed” nutritional formula for neurological comfort. MigreLief NOW can be taken asap at first signs of discomfort (2-4 capsules).  The dose can be repeated in 2 hours if necessary.

The dose for adults and children is listed on the back of the product label.

MigreLief Now Label


MigreLief Original Formula is a daily-maintenance nutritional supplement.  it is taken twice a day every day.  There is a build up period of up to 3 months for maximum effectiveness.

Migrelief original and MigreLief NOW supplements

Both Migrelief-NOW and MigreLief Original dietary supplements are part of Akeso Health Sciences Nutritional MigreLief Regimen for Migraine Sufferers.