If You Must Have a Soda Once In A While, Make it One Sweetened With Regular Sugar (Sucrose not high fructose corn syrup).  Even Better Yet, Choose Beverages Sweetened with Stevia Extract and/or Erythritol.

Two very recent studies about consuming diet sodas revealed some very alarming results.  One studied that followed people who “did” and “didn’t” drink diet sodas, found that the people who drank diet sodas has much bigger waistlines than the group that didn’t.

The second study found that mice that were given drinks with aspartame (the ingredient in Equal and several other differently name artificial sweeteners) had much higher levels of blood glucose which of course could lead to diabetes.

Add this new information to the existing information showing that artificial sweeteners like Equal contain chemicals that are “excito-toxic” to brain cells and actually cause them to die, and you shouldn’t need any more motivation to completely eliminate these beverages from your and your family’s diet.   For Heaven Sakes, diet sodas don’t even help you to diet………..THEY MAKE YOU FATTER!

Curt Hendrix, M.S., C.C.N., C.N.S

Akeso Health Sciences

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