Delilah Radio – MigreLief… Not Just Another Pill for Migraine Pain!

February 10th, 2013

MigreLief’s national campaign to reach the 37 million men, women and children throughout the U.S. who suffer chronic migraine headaches has hit the airwaves with radio spots playing to highly attuned audiences of popular shows such as Delilah, Race Taylor, Helen Little Dan Justin, and Rich Kiminski. The goal is to reach as many migraine sufferers as possible with their nutritional alternative to suffering a lifetime of temporary relief from pain and other symptoms of migraine disease.

Delilah Show – MigreLief National Radio Ad Campaigns – Click to listen

More and more migraine sufferers as well as healthcare professionals understand the importance of maintaining normal cerebrovascular tone and function when it comes to fighting migraines.  As researchers continue to discover the more migraines you have the more suseptible you become to future migraines, migraine sufferers are turning to prevention.

PREVENTION IS KEY TO CONTROLLING MIGRAINES:   The 3 ingredients listed in The American Academy of Neurology’s Guidelines for Migraine Prevention can be found in Akeso Health Sciences’ “MigreLief Triple Therapy with Puracol.™” MigreLief provides nutritional support for migraine sufferers and addresses the underlying nutritional deficiencies and imbalances that many migraineurs have in common.

The ingredients in MigreLief have been proven to prevent migraines or decrease their frequency and intensity.  This is life changing for sufferers who have spent years merely treating the pain and other symptoms of migraine disease with prescription medications, OTC drugs and pain killers.

When temporary relief is not an option, migraine sufferers choose MigreLief :

  • *Effective nutritional option for chronic migraine control
  • *Safe for men, women and children over 2 years of age
  • *No harmful side-effects
  • *May combine with other migraine medications
  • *Formulated to maintain the already normal cerebrovascular function one has on migraine free days
  • *Recommended by neurologists, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals worldwide
  • *Taken daily like a vitamin
  • *Changing the lives of Migraine sufferers since 1996

Migraine Treatment Forecast:  According to a recent report by Decision Resources a marketing research group that offers  information and insights on sectors of the healthcare industry, the Market for migraine therapies is estimated to double in the next eight years going from 3.3 billion to 5.8 billion by 2021.  They reported that  no new prophylactic options are projected to be available through 2021.

The market research firm Kline expects that OTC “natural product” sales will eclipse $750 million by 2016. 45% of consumers consider natural OTCs effective, and more than 40% believe that natural OTCs may be safer or have fewer side effects than traditional OTCs.


Both Original Formula and MigreLief+M, a nutritional supplement for women who suffer hormonal or menstrual migraines, are available in stores and pharmacies nationwide. It can be found on the shelf near the temporary headache pain relievers, thus giving migraine sufferers who are perusing retail shelves for relief, a great preventive drug-free option.

UPDATE:  MigreLief can now be found in select stores and pharmacies across the USA. Use our MigreLief Store Locator to find out where to buy MigreLief.
Plus, discover fast-acting MigreLief-NOW!

EFFECTIVE OPTION:  Recommended by healthcare professionals and patients alike, this non-prescription, nutritional alternative to temporary pain relief is a valuable option.


“MigreLief has been highly effective for the prevention and reduction of severity in my practice of patients with difficult migraine headaches.” – Dennis D., M.D., Advanced Neurology Specialists, Great Falls, MT.


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Feb. 2013:  My now 14 year old has been using Migrelief for 2 years. She used to have migraines at least 6x per month. Since using Migrelief continually for the last 2 years, only 2 migraines total!! Best thing that ever happened for our family is finding Migrelief!  ~ Brenda G.

Jan 2013:  “I’m a nurse practitioner and I recommend MigreLief every day.” ~ NP, National Children’s Medical Center, DC

If you, a friend or loved  one suffers migraines, recommend MigreLief for Migraine headache Relief.