Morris Claiborne of the Dallas Cowboys has been dealing with migraines since he was in high school.  Claiborne just returned to practice yesterday after dealing with a migraine.  The Dallas Cowboys are training in Oxnard, California just 20 minutes north of MigreLief headquarters – Akeso Health Sciences in Westlake, California.

In a recent interview, Claiborne stated that he tried his best to fend them off in this latest instance, waking up early in the morning Tuesday and heading immediately to the training room.

“I felt it coming,” he said. “But it never slowed up.”

Claiborne has missed practices after being hit by migraines, but he has yet to miss a game because of them.

“I hope that never happens,” Claiborne said. “I have been searching for ways to try to deal with it… I never know when it’s coming or how it’s coming.”

Currently he takes Immitrex and lies down in the dark due to light sensitivity, until the migraines disappear.

When asked if he has found anything to prevent them, “No I haven’t found anything to deal with them yet… I’ve been searching since high school.”

A Cowboy fan, or fellow migraine sufferer should tell Mr. Claiborne about MigreLief as an alternative to merely treating the pain, and suffering a lifetime of recurring migraines.  Researchers are showing the more migraines a person gets, the greater the tendency for future migraines, making prevention key.

Back at practice Thursday, the second-year veteran hopes to play in the Hall of Fame Game on Sunday night.

“I’m just going to enjoy everything about the Hall of Fame Game,” Claiborne said. “Hopefully we get a lot of playing time, but I know that’s probably not going to happen. I’m just going to go in and enjoy everything – every snap I do get, just try to take advantage of it and try to get better each and every play and hope the rookies do well.

Lets hope Mo Claiborne runs down to his local CVS Pharmacy for a bottle of MigreLief and starts tackling those migraines.

Chronic Migraine Prevention


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