MigreLief supplements do not have any harmful side effects. Potential side effects though rare can be:

  1. Riboflavin (Vitamin B-2) can cause urine to become bright yellow. This is normal and harmless.
  2. When taking a magnesium supplement for the first time, some individuals may experience loose stools (transient diary) temporarily.
  3. If an individual is allergic to any of the ingredients in MigreLief, they should cease taking it.
  4. Some individuals can experience gastro-intestinal upset when taking dietary supplements in general
  5. Like all natural products, herbal medicines, vitamins, and other supplements– stop taking 7 days before any surgery and resume when your doctor says it is OK.

Does Children’s MigreLief have any side effects?

Because Children’s MigreLief contains the same triple therapy ingredients as Original Migrelief with dosages adjusted to meet the needs of children age 2-12, the above side effect information applies.  If a child experiences loose stools at first, you can cut the dose in half (1 caplet a day instead of 2).  Cut a caplet in 2 and give 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 in the evening) until their body adjusts to taking a magnesium supplement.

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