Dr. Nancy Waltman of the University of Nebraska Medical Center stated, “We have found that a lot of women remain silent and don’t get treated for their migraines. The best treatment is a combination of dietary changes, adjustments in sleep and exercise, avoiding triggers, and preventative medications.”

Over 50% of women with chronic migraines deal with their migraines by isolating themselves, consistently using over-the-counter medications, and waiting sometimes for days for their migraines to finally go away.  Furthermore, 50% of all migraine sufferers never see a doctor and 50% of those that do, never follow up with a second appointment.


migraines for women


In a small open-label study (meaning there was no control group taking a placebo medication to compare results with), women who followed the suggestions below reduced the frequency of their migraines by 76%.

1- Identified and avoided their triggers

2- Managed their stress more efficiently

3- Avoided alcohol and caffeine

4- Exercised moderately and regularly

5- Used preventive medications

Suffering in silence may be something to which you can relate.  To get your life back on track, consider the 5 suggestions above.

Lastly, never underestimate the power of nutrition!

Consider trying The MigreLief Nutritional Regimen for Migraine Sufferers consisting of 2 action steps.

Action step 1:
Choose a MigreLief daily formula (Original MigreLief for teens and adults, Children’s MigreLief age 2-12, or MigreLief+M for women with menstrual/hormonal migraines and take daily to maintain the normal cerebrovascular tone and function you have on migraine free days.  Note:  These daily maintenance formulas have a build up period and will grow in effectiveness over 3 months to reach maximum benefits.  There is a 90-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason after 90 days and if you purchased MigreLief at MigreLief.com

Action Step 2:
Take the rescue formula, MigreLief-NOW as needed for fast-acting cerebrovascular comfort.  Recommend usage is to take 2-4 capsules at the first sign of discomfort and repeat in 2 hours if necessary. See the bottle label for children’s dosages.

MigreLief formulas have been recommended by neurologists and headache specialists for over 20 years to provide comprehensive nutritional support to migraine sufferers.


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