Q:  Does MigreLief have side-effects?
A:  There are no harmful side effects associated with MigreLief.

  • Riboflavin (B-2) can cause urine to become bright yellow. This is normal and harmless. Riboflavin is a water-soluble vitamin which means your body does not store it and it is eliminated in the urine.
  • Magnesium – Although rare, some individuals taking magnesium for the first time may experience diarrhea which should stop in a couple of days once the body adjusts. If this occurs, we suggest cutting the dose in half for a few days and work up to the full dose of 1 caplet twice a day with food.  NOTE:  It is generally recommended that all magnesium supplements be taken with food to avoid stomach upset for those who are sensitive to taking magnesium or vitamin supplements.
  • Feverfew – This herb is a member of the daisy family (Asteraceae). People who are allergic to ragweed or similar plants may also be allergic to feverfew.
  • If allergic to any of MigreLief’s ingredients, discontinue use.
  • As with most dietary supplements if allergic to any of the ingredients in MigreLief, cease taking it. Like all natural products, herbal medicines, vitamins, and other supplements– stop taking 7 days before any surgery and resume when your doctor says it is OK.

Biggest side-effect of MigreLief… Feeling good!


Note:  There is another product in the UK called Migraleve-Pink that is a drug containing codeine. Don’t be confused it you see side-effects associated with this non-MigreLief non-Akeso Health Science product.