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what is migrelief

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Preventive and Acute Migraine Treatments

Debilitating migraines should not be a way of life but for many men, women and children suffering chronic migraines (many migraine days each month)… they, unfortunately, are. Migraine treatments can be PREVENTIVE with the goal of stopping migraines before they start or ACUTE, treating the pain once it starts. Often migraine sufferers find themselves running the gambit of preventive and acute treatments in search of migraine relief which can include, side-effect prone prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications. This can be...
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light sensitivity

Stepping into the Light is Difficult for Migraineurs

Migraine sufferers often get left in the dark during this popular time of year  For many people, summer is a time for taking vacations, drinking iced tea and lemonade, enjoying the weather, family outings, weekend trips, relaxing days at the beach, and simply enjoying the warm weather and sunshine.  But for migraine sufferers warm weather can mean serious trouble and sensitivity to light makes that beautiful sunshine blinding and often painful. Battling Light & Heat The lazy days of summer...
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When Migraine Sufferers Get These Factors Under Control, The Results Can Be Life Changing

We receive correspondence on a daily basis from migraine sufferers asking about their migraines and whether or not MigreLief will work for them. Many things can happen physiologically that can contribute to migraines occurring. Platelets in your blood can clump together (aggregate) more than they should and this causes a neurotransmitter called serotonin to over release in the area the clumping occurs. Unfortunately, serotonin can cause blood vessels around the scalp and brain to constrict too much. When this happens,...
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