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army migraines


Those of you who suffer with migraine headaches know how debilitating and incapacitating they are. Imagine going through the training that soldiers have to go through while suffering from a migraine. Imagine being in life-threatening situations and having to perform and make split-second decisions with the pain and possible visual and cognitive disturbances (aura) that accompany some migraines. According to research done at Johns Hopkins Medical Center, headaches/migraines are among the top reasons for depletion of military personnel in Afghanistan and...
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migraine wedding

The Royal Wedding: A Royal Headache?

Royals get migraines too! King Henry the eighth, Queen Elizabeth I and II, all suffered with migraines. Well there is some interesting research that Kate and all of you other women who may experience a migraine on a special night, should know about.
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Stop Rebound Headaches

Do Migraine Medications Actually Increase Migraines?

REBOUND HEADACHES: Can Some Migraine Medications Increase The Number and Frequency of Migraines? Rebound headaches from prescription and over-the-counter migraine headache medications – what you need to know! Many chronic migraine sufferers resort to taking prescription medicines called triptans when a migraine gets out of control. These medicines are used “acutely.”  This means you take them when you already have a migraine you want to try to stop.  These drugs do not prevent migraines from occurring. In fact, not only...
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