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travel tips

How to Reduce Travel Migraines and Have Fun!

Anticipating that wonderful trip that you’ve been planning for months is exciting. Sharing wonderful times with friends or loved ones is what many memories are made of. Anyone that thinks traveling is not incredibly stressful; either doesn’t travel very much or has their own private airplane. Highway traffic to the airport, long check-in lines, newly imposed luggage fees, getting half undressed for security scanners, submitting to security pat downs, schlepping carry-on luggage to the gate (or am I the only...
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PACK YOUR VITAMINS! Healthy Vacation = Happy Vacation

Health Risks While Flying The pressurized, low humidity, air environment in an airplane increases the risk of sinus infections, colds, flu, ear pain, jet lag and blood clots. The humidity in this environment can drop to 10% or lower, thus drying out the mucus of the nose and throat which cripples this natural defense system. Whereas, alcohol, soda and other caffeinated drinks can dry you out, regular sipping of water throughout the flight can partially offset the effects of the...
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