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How to Roast Nuts – Tasty Roasted Nut Recipes

Roasted nuts are delicious and make healthy snacks, party treats, and great gifts.  Roasting nuts deepens their flavor making them even more nutty and complex.  Nuts are a good source of healthful fats, fiber, and beneficial micro and macronutrients. Nuts are also among the best source of plant-based proteins and have numerous health benefits and .including increased longevity.  Each type of nut offers different nutritional benefits.  Studies have shown that dry roasting of most nuts does not reduce their health...
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Safety Concerns About Artificial Sweetener That’s Found Everywhere

Lots of people enjoy the taste of something sweet and I’m one of them.  The problem is that sugar, more so than fat, is probably responsible for much of the chronic disease and accelerated aging that occurs in humans. The body’s metabolism of sugar results in byproducts that are damaging to all of the cells and organs in our bodies.  Think of sugar as being corrosive to both the inside and outside of your body, similar to the way that...
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