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Omega-3 sources

Omega-Essential Fatty Acid Supplementation and Aging

Many of you have read about the health benefits of eating fish due to the levels of omega-3 fatty acids they contain.  Benefits for heart, eyesight, and brain function are just a few of the areas reported in the scientific literature. Now, a study from Ohio State University, published in the journal Brain, Behavior and Immunity, reports that a part of our chromosomes (a cellular component that contains our genes) called the telomere may be protected when omega-3 oils are...
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Researcher Calls for Doubling of Vitamin C RDA

  RESPECTED RESEARCHER AT THE LINUS PAULING NUTRITION RESEARCH INSTITUTE CALLS FOR DOUBLING OF VITAMIN C RECOMMENDED DAILY ALLOWANCE I am of the opinion that many of the recommended daily allowances that are recommended for many vitamins and minerals are WOEFULLY too low. The days of some physicians saying you don’t need to take higher levels of some vitamins because you will just urinate them out, are thankfully disappearing as more and more physicians actually make an effort to learn...
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vitamin d and bones

Does High Dose Calcium Prevent Bone Fractures?

Is Supplementing with High Dose Calcium a Good Idea for Preventing Bone Fractures? Millions of women are told by their physicians to take 1000-1500 mg/day of calcium supplements primarily to reduce the risk of bone fractures. Professionally, I think this is NOT a good idea and may have significant adverse health effects. The Chinese and Japanese cultures, which historically eat little or no dairy products and therefore get less than half the calcium that is in American diets containing dairy,...
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