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sleep better for migraine

Better Sleep Patterns Can Decrease Migraines

For too many migraine sufferers, a good night’s sleep every night is an impossible dream. A study done at the University of North Carolina by sleep specialist, Dr. Anne Calhoun found that by improving sleeping habits, women decreased their headache frequency by 29% and the intensity of the migraines they did get, by 40%. When the number of migraine days per month is under 15, the patient is diagnosed with episodic migraine. If 15 or more per month, the patient...
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Poor Gut Health Might be Connected to Severe COVID-19

For decades, scientists have been studying the role the human microbiome plays on health. The gastrointestinal tract, or simply the “gut,” is made up of a series of organs essential for breaking down food, absorbing nutrients, and excreting waste. But it also harbors a vibrant, complex community of trillions of bacteria, fungi, and other microbes that together make up the gut microbiome. In addition to controlling digestion, the gut microbiome is in constant close communication with the immune system. In...
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3 Pillars of Mental Health: Good Sleep, Exercise, Raw Produce

It’s a common myth that eating a healthful diet and exercising regularly are just for getting fit and staying in good physical health. But while our lifestyle habits play an important role in many body functions, they also influence our mental health and emotional well-being profoundly. There is a tendency to think of physical and mental health as two distinct, separate states, but humans are social and emotional beings. Our mental health affects how we think, act, cope with feelings,...
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Sleep and Disease Risk | Support Healthy Sleep

Sleep is necessary for humans to stay alive. Sleep is thought to be a higher form of regulation, covering a range of molecular and cellular processes to provide optimal wakefulness. At least one of the functions of sleep is to provide recovery. Sleep facilitates recovery of fatigue acquired during daily exercise – it is also a major modulator of hormonal levels, cellular repair, and immune health. Sleep maintains physiological homeostasis in general and is necessary for the clearance of metabolites...
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