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Sleep health

sleep better for migraine

Better Sleep Patterns Can Decrease Migraines

For too many migraine sufferers, a good night’s sleep every night is an impossible dream. A study done at the University of North Carolina by sleep specialist, Dr. Anne Calhoun found that by improving sleeping habits, women decreased their headache frequency by 29% and the intensity of the migraines they did get, by 40%. When the number of migraine days per month is under 15, the patient is diagnosed with episodic migraine. If 15 or more per month, the patient...
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Sleep Statistics

30 Interesting Facts & Statistics You May Not Know About Sleep

A lot of what we know about sleep today has only been investigated in the last 30 years or so, and much of this research has proven that a good night’s sleep isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. As demonstrated by devastating events caused or influenced by sleep deprivation, like the Challenger explosion in 1986 or the Exxon-Valdez spill in 1989, not getting enough sleep can have serious consequences, both for individuals and for societies. So, because sleep is so...
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Sleep Like Your Life Depends on It… Because It Does!

Poor Sleep Habits Can Rob Years From Your Life Downloadable White Paper – Sleep/Insomnia PDF Reestablishing healthy sleep patterns is the most powerful tool you can rely on for health, happiness and longevity. If you’re having difficulty sleeping, consider a drug-free, natural formula to promote healthy sleep to make a real difference. Sleep is required for human life, enabling critical functions such as those involved in cellular regulation and repair, detoxification, immune health, and hormone level modulation.(1-4)  Our physiological homeostasis depends on...
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