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Holiday Stress – Tis the Season for Migraines

Winter holidays are the most festive occasions of the year, providing an opportunity to celebrate with family and friends. They can also lead to an onslaught of responsibilities and chores; shopping, gift wrapping, baking, cooking and cleaning are just a few things that might overwhelm us this time of year. With holiday joy comes holiday stress and for migraine sufferers, stress can easily trigger bad headaches or migraines that can interfere with finishing holiday errands, let alone enjoying the season....
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sleeping on the job

Want to Be More Productive? Get More Sleep

Whether you’re still working from home or you’re back at the office, trying to be more productive and get work done when you feel drained and exhausted is no easy task. Being tired in the workplace impairs your memory, decreases your awareness and attention to detail, and slows down your response time, which can be dangerous if you happen to have a high-stakes job. Sleep and work productivity go hand in hand. While today’s hectic culture and stressful working environments...
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