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night sweats

Unusual Migraine Symptoms

What does your typical migraine feel like? Every migraineur experiences attacks differently, though head pain, nausea, and light sensitivity are the most commonly reported symptoms. But what about those weird or unusual symptoms that you sometimes get before or during a migraine that nobody talks about? Are they a product of your headache, or could they be something else? “Unusual” migraine symptoms are more common than you think When you’ve suffered from migraine for a long time, you get to...
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Night Sweats Occur in Women of All Ages

A significant number of women of all ages complain about “night sweats.” Most commonly night sweats are associated with the approach of menopause but many other factors can cause night sweats. For night sweats associated with hormonal issues, look into MigreLief+M. This product is not just for migraine prevention. It corrects both the hormonal and blood sugar issues that can lead to night sweats as well as migraines. In some women it can take up to 3 months to achieve...
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