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new year’s resolutions

How to Be Happier in 2022

The verdict is in: New Year’s resolutions are out of style. To be fair, they should’ve gone out of style years ago, because no matter how motivating the phrase “new year, new me” sounds like, the truth is that 80% of people give up on their New Year’s resolutions by the second week of February. But don’t beat yourself up: resolutions don’t fail because humans are lazy or serial procrastinators. On the contrary, the fact that most of us are...
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8 New Year’s Health Habits to Adopt in 2022

The past 12 months brought us yet more COVID and anxiety and were even darker and stranger than the ones before. As we turn the page on the calendar, it is time to look ahead. Many people see the end of the year as a fresh start – a renewed opportunity to set goals, break old habits and focus on what’s important. For some, this means making a list of promises or resolutions, detailing the good practices they want to...
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