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migrelief testimonial

testimonials for MigreLief

Have a MigreLief review? Post it on our Facebook page!

Many migraine sufferers new to the MigreLief community are looking for consumer reviews and feedback.  Facebook is an easy-to-access place to locate reviews. We now have a review page on Facebook and would love it if you would stop by and post your MigreLief story or leave a quick review.   Do you have a MigreLief Review or Testimonial? Click here for a direct link to the proper page. This is the first review posted October 2010… “I have had migraines...
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MigreLief testimonial

Wow…What a Great Migrelief Success Story!

We recently received a post on our MigreLief Facebook page that simply said, “MigreLief saved my life!” We contacted this MigreLief fan to discover a great success story worth sharing: Dear Makers of MigreLief, Yes, I would love to share my story! I’ve attached it because I couldn’t get it to fit in facebook. After I had our youngest, who is now 8, I began to have horrible headaches and eventually migraines. I was experiencing aura, tunnel vision and major...
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