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Still Suffering Migraines? This Story Will Give You Hope!

September 3rd, 2011

Every day more and more migraine sufferers are discovering MigreLief as their natural preventive alternative to a life time of suffering migraine symptoms and pain.  Our efforts to reach sufferers and health care professionals world wide are fueled by heartfelt letters of gratitude and appreciation from our fans.  We’d like to thank you all for your wonderful feedback and support.  For those of you who have not tried MigreLief and are still running the gambit of prescription drugs and other treatments unsuccessfully…the letter below from a new MigreLief fan will give you hope.

~ Curt Hendrix and The MigreLief Team.

Tanya’s Story

I took a huge chance when I bought MigreLief.  Suffering from migraines (Daily Chronic Headache) for over 11 years, I have gone through three neurologists, attended one of the best headache clinics in the country, taken so many different types of medication, I can\’t remember half of them, and most recently tried Botox twice (it worsened my migraines), I was, of course leery…very leery.

However, on the other side, I thought, with no side effects, what could it hurt to give it a try. I will freely admit, I wasn\’t hopeful.

I have been taking MigreLief+M for about 2 months, and if I could, I would shout from the rooftops how incredible this product is! I would be your spokesperson in a heartbeat! It is nothing short of a miracle, and I am so ecstatic about how I am feeling.

I have been keeping track of my migraines for months, and I am watching them decrease again and again. Particularly, for over 5 weeks I have not once had 2 migraines in a row. This, for me, is absolutely incredible.

There are times when I suffer 7-10 days in a row, using all of my relief medicine, but with the thought in the back of my mind on how it may be effecting my body, and knowing that I am probably causing rebound headaches.

Your product is simply amazing, and I know that there are probably thousands of people who come to your site and think it won\’t work for them, or think it\’s just some silly scam product. Honestly, I did the same thing for over a year before I took the plunge.

I thank God above that I finally decided to give MigreLief a chance, and I pray that you do not stop offering this product.  I only wish that more doctors would tell their patients about it instead of trying to give us chemical-filled medication that takes away a couple of headaches but in return gives us horrible side effects.

There is no way for me to thank you enough. You have no idea how your product is changing my life – yes, my life. I can\’t remember the last time that I didn\’t think \”will I have a migraine today\”? I have actually stopped worrying about that. I have had 4 migraines in the past 4 weeks. This compares to an average of 15 I typically get in a month (up to 21). Thank you thank you thank you!!!! Bless you!!

Tanya Bowser

Tim’s Story

MigreLief Testimonials – Physician & Patient Consumers

MigreLief Information

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December 19th, 2010

Many migraine sufferers new to the MigreLief community are looking for consumer reviews and feedback.  Facebook is an easy-to-access place to locate reviews.

We now have a review page on Facebook and would love it if you would stop by and post your MigreLief story or leave a quick review.  

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This is the first review posted October 2010…

“I have had migraines for 25 years.  There are times when I get them I am out of commission for sometimes days… the pain is unbearable… can’t even hold my head up.  I started “MigreLief” about 3 months ago… I can honestly say I have not had one migraine. I know that you have to take MigreLief for a period of time to get results, I can’t explain it all I know is that the migraines have stopped. I was going through a stressful situation and forgot to take my MigreLief for about a week… all the sudden I was getting headaches daily… waking up with them. I went back on… no migraines. Flying usually gave me horrible headaches… since MigreLief – no more flying headaches… LOVE IT!!!!” – – – Colleen H.

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Wow…What a Great Migrelief Success Story!

June 11th, 2010

We recently received a post on our MigreLief Facebook page that simply said, “MigreLief saved my life!” We contacted this MigreLief fan to discover a great success story worth sharing:

Dear Makers of MigreLief,

Yes, I would love to share my story! I’ve attached it because I couldn’t get it to fit in facebook.

After I had our youngest, who is now 8, I began to have horrible headaches and eventually migraines. I was experiencing aura, tunnel vision and major nausea. I suffered for about 5 years with a migraine at least once(usually twice) a week that lasted at least 2 days. My doctor prescribed Imitrex, and it sometimes worked but left me feeling horrible too.

About 3 years ago, a customer came in to my office one day and could tell by my eyes that I was migraining. She told me I had to read about Migrelief and give it a try. She was a sufferer too, and raved about how Migrelief changed her life. I went straight to Super Supplements and began taking it that day. I noticed a change within a week…I was no longer having cluster headaches and realized that I had NOT had a headache just about every day since I was a teenager. I was just so used to having headaches, I didn’t know what it felt like to not have one! After about 3 weeks of taking Migrelief, I stopped having headaches and migraines all together. In the last 3 years, I have only had 2 migraines, and they didn’t last very long. I was able to take Ibuprofen to get rid of them.

I still take one Migrelief tablet every day. I will never stop taking it! Recently, our local Super Supplements was sold out and I called all over the Seattle area to find some more. I ended up driving 20 miles to the only store that had it in stock and bought the last 3 bottles they had on their shelf. I have told many others about your product and they too have become believers!

I always say Migrelief saved my life because it’s true. I was not the mom, wife or friend I needed to be because of my health. I couldn’t make plans and missed out on so many events with my children because I had a migraine.

Thank you for making a product that is changing lives!