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mental health

natural schizophrenia treatments

Schizophrenia – Natural Treatments

June is mental health awareness month and schizophrenia is arguably the most debilitating of psychiatric illnesses, psychologically, socially, and financially.  It affects all aspects of a person’s life; how they feel, think, behave, and generally exist. Symptoms of schizophrenia include positive (hallucinations and delusions), negative (emotional blunting and apathy), and cognitive impairment. Furthermore, schizophrenia patients require lifelong treatment. Antipsychotic medications are the mainstay in the acute and maintenance treatment of schizophrenia. Almost one-third of patients with positive psychotic schizophrenic symptoms...
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mental wellness

Migraine and Mental Health: What’s the Link? Plus 5 Tips for Both

If you suffer from migraine, you know firsthand that it can do a number on your mental health. Migraine attacks can reduce your quality of life and even cause you to put your life on hold. It’s hard to get a handle on your mental health when you’re fearing your next migraine attack nonstop. Over time this can wear you down physically, mentally, and emotionally. No wonder migraine and mental health issues often go hand in hand! This article breaks...
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mental health issues

4 Major Reasons Behind The Surge of Mental Illness

Mental health is one of the most underserved sectors of public health. Yet, about 1 billion people worldwide live with a mental disorder. In fact, more than 50% of Americans will, at some point in their lives, be diagnosed with a mental disorder. Mental health issues touch nearly all of us in some way, directly or indirectly. Mental illnesses refer to mental health conditions that affect thinking, mood, and behavior. Such disorders include anxiety disorders, depression, eating disorders, and schizophrenia....
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3 Pillars of Mental Health: Good Sleep, Exercise, Raw Produce

It’s a common myth that eating a healthful diet and exercising regularly are just for getting fit and staying in good physical health. But while our lifestyle habits play an important role in many body functions, they also influence our mental health and emotional well-being profoundly. There is a tendency to think of physical and mental health as two distinct, separate states, but humans are social and emotional beings. Our mental health affects how we think, act, cope with feelings,...
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Sleep and Mental Health | Better Sleep Helps Us Cope

Better sleep helps us cope with negative emotions and stress It’s no secret that sleep plays an essential role in physical health. Sleep is involved in many vital functions, like cell reparation and memory formation and consolidation. On the other hand, poor sleep is linked with worse health outcomes, including higher body weight, greater risk of stroke and heart disease, and more. But it is not just our physical health that can deteriorate when we don’t sleep enough. Research shows...
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