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Exercise and live longer

Exercising Just 11 Minutes a Day Helps You Live Longer

In a fascinating new study of how exercise and sedentary behavior can impact health, those who spent more hours sitting were at increased risk of dying prematurely. The study, published recently in a special edition of the British Journal of Sports Medicine, analyzed physical activity data from more than 44,000 middle-aged and older adults. Results suggested that people who were most sedentary faced a higher mortality risk. But what’s interesting about the study is that even among those who sat...
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increase life expectancy

How to Protect Your Health & Maximize Life Expectancy

The Single Most Important Fact You Will Ever Learn to Protect Your Health, Prevent Disease and Maximize Your Life Expectancy Not everyone is overweight, has high blood pressure, high blood sugar, or high cholesterol but… everyone is exposed to stress. No matter your age, who you are or what you do, when stress is chronic (constant and persists over an extended period of time) such as work problems, family conflicts, relationship issues, daily traffic, major life changes, or any response...
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Weight loos foods

Calorie Restriction = Weight Loss & Longevity

Eat less, live longer! Calorie restriction leads to weight loss and longevity. The more one eats, the more free radicals they will generate, the more their bodies will have to detoxify and remove bi-products of digestion and metabolism both systemically and cellularly. The benefits of reducing calories goes beyond just the weight loss that occurs. Calorie restriction/reduction may be the best form of life insurance we can get, and it's free.
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